Giroud Ready to Pay Lunas ‘Debt’ at the Stade Louis II

Giroud Ready to Pay Lunas ‘Debt’ at the Stade Louis II

Giroud Ready to Pay Lunas 'Debt' at the Stade Louis II

Monaco – In the first leg, Olivier Giroud performance against AS Monaco criticized exhausted. Now capitalize performance amid red-hot, Giroud ready to pay off his mistake and took Arsenal to qualify.

Monaco 1-3 defeat of Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on February 25 and arguably for contributing bad performance Giroud in front of the opponent’s goal. French players have a total of 12 shots, or nearly half of the total 26 shots Arsenal.

But none Giroud opportunities that leads right into the goal until he was replaced Theo Walcott in the 60th minute. Discharge him from the field was accompanied by whistling and scorn from the public host clearly disappointed with the performance of Giroud.

But after the game contra Monaco, Giroud still believed by Arsene Wenger in his last four games in which players 28 years it made three goals. Wenger’s confidence was rewarded completed by Giroud who would want to pay the disappointment of fans in the game contra Monaco ago.

But Giroud unfinished task because he had to pay the penalty for poor performance when Arsenal visited the stables of Monaco at the Stade Louis II, on Wednesday (18/3) morning pm tomorrow. Arsenal themselves have to win at least three goals difference.

“I can cope with enormous pressure on the ground. But when I performed poorly in a game, if I can say like that, you know that I will always rise up as soon as possible,” said Giroud at Soccerway.

“If your mind is filled with doubt, it will be more difficult to overcome. There will be difficult moments like that because we do work hard,” he continued.

“You should be able to ask yourself every week and tried to get up. With the mentality that I have, I always answered through performance on the pitch.”

“Football is a sport where you have to have a strong mentally because you sometimes encounter some difficulties. As living alone. Even when you are playing well and scoring a lot of goals, if only once you look bad, everything will be forgotten. You have to accept the consequences and always alert , “said the Frenchman.

“Do not believe what people who talk too much about football. I never read the media. I know when to when to perform well or poorly. I know how to get up,” said he.