Suarez scored Kill Madrid

Suarez scored Kill Madrid

Suarez scored Kill Madrid

Barcelona – Real Madrid defeat Barcelona when treated dilanjutan Spanish league last morning. Pepe said that the second goal Los Cules packaged by Luis Suarez kill El Real.

The match at Camp Nou on Monday (23/03/2015) pm dawn, ending with a final score of 2-1 to win Barca. In that game Azulgrana ahead thanks to goals from Jeremy Mathieu’s header on 19 minutes, which can be equated by Cristiano Ronaldo on 12 minutes later.

Barca sealed the win with goals in the 56th minute Suarez far Receiving feedback from Dani Alves, he could release kicking off his right foot from the right hand side of the penalty box Madrid’s goalkeeper Iker Casillas guarded.

El Clasico match this time arguably balance. Soccernet noted that Barca did control of the ball by 52 percent, while 48 percent of Madrid.

Problem kick into the goal, Barca chalked 17 times and five on target. While Madrid four times less, and four to see the field.

About the defeat of his team, Pepe said that Suarez scored an influence for the penggawa Madrid. He also said that Madrid had not played with common sense after that goal.

“Football is like that and Barcelona get one shot off the ball and can score goals. We played well in the first half and the second goal killed us,” said Pepe, Madrid’s official website.

“We took the risk and after the second goal we are unsure on how to play us. It was as Barcelona have more opportunities and we want to be playing with the heart of our brain,” he added.