Convicted Threatened football, Greek Minister criticism of FIFA

Convicted Threatened football, Greek Minister criticism of FIFA

Convicted Threatened football, Greek Minister criticism of FIFA

Jakarta – Greece again threatened sanctions FIFA for government intervention plan. Though the government is striving to dampen volatility in their football violence.

Not only FIFA, UEFA also threatened to punish the Greek Football Federation (EPO) is related to the new regulatory proposals from the Greek government, to stop the rampant violence supporters.

The proposal of new rules that will be discussed by a committee of Greek culture from 27 until 30 April, before being brought to parliament on May 4 to 5

FIFA and UEFA, which rigidly protect its members from state intervention, have sent a joint letter to the president of the EPO, Giorgos Girtzikis. They explicitly warned of the potential imposition of sanctions including suspension of membership to the EPO.

FIFA and UEFA letter was criticized by the deputy minister of education, culture, and religion of Greece, Stavros Kontonis, in front of the media. He considers both football’s governing body was not keen to help find a way out for the condition of their football, which at this season already happened three times in immediate termination of the game as fans riot.

“It seems they are not keen to stop the evil plague in Greek football. They even look for ways to attack the Greek constitution and the people of Greece, especially football fans, which have had to face a situation that is rife with corruption and decay – something that is trying to be changed government, “said Kontonis, reported The Guardian.

Kontonis also been invited FIFA and UEFA to come to Athens and discuss this issue, before the proposal was discussed by the country’s internal authority.

“We hope that they understand the seriousness and the accumulation of problems in Greek football, as well as actively and constructively engage in the process of consolidation, democratization and transparency,” added the deputy minister.

Greece never convicted of FIFA on July 3, 2006, and banned from international competition for violating FIFA statutes and politicize football. But the sentence was revoked four days later, after returning EPO obey the statutes.

Related to the same thing is happening in Indonesia, until now there has been no sign of FIFA will impose sanctions on the PSSI, despite being frozen by the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

On the official website of FIFA, until the news was revealed, also need to be updated new board PSSI. Djohar Arifin Husin and Joko Driyono still listed as president and secretary general.