Barca win 8-0, Enrique: It Bekal Facing Bayern

Barca win 8-0, Enrique: It Bekal Facing Bayern

Barca win 8-0, Enrique: It Bekal Facing Bayern

Barcelona – Barcelona had difficulty even called big 8-0 win over Cordoba. These results are now used as food for larger exam face Bayern Munich midweek later.

Barca celebrate eight goals when they travel to the Estadio Nuevo Arcangel, on Saturday (05/02/2015) pm last night. Luis Suarez scored a hat-trick, followed by two goals from Lionel Messi, and each one goal from Ivan Rakitic, Gerard Pique, and Neymar.

Despite a big win, Barca had created difficulties by the host due to tight pressing applied. In fact, recently created the first goal in the 42nd minute by Rakitic. Los Cules position to be more comfortable when Suarez doubled the lead before the break the match.

These two goals are recognized coach, Luis Enrique, so the key. In the second half the game became more open opponent and the final settlement of foster children increased.

Three points is not only closer to Barca to the La Liga title, but so very good provision staring match of the Champions League semi-final first leg Bayern, Thursday (07/05/2015) pm dawn. Previously they also won 6-0 over Getafe in midweek league party.

“Football was a sport that is very complex. We are in a good performance, but before each game you have to rebuild it,” said Enrique quoted by Football Espana.

“For 39 minutes, we created a lot of chances but not brilliant in the final settlement. Goals from Ivan and Luis was crucial and we really sharp in the second half.”

“This is a vital three points and I am happy to get it. Now we have to use this result for a difficult match against Bayern,” he said.

Barca now lead the standings with 87 of the 35 weeks. They are still five points ahead of Real Madrid in second place, that until the news was revealed they face Sevilla.