Enrique and Allegri: Prime Season, Direct Treble Chance

Enrique and Allegri: Prime Season, Direct Treble Chance

Enrique and Allegri: Prime Season, Direct Treble Chance

Madrid – sweet story inscribed by Luis Enrique and Massimiliano Allegri. In the season premiere along with a new club, they immediately likely to treble.

Of course, in the end there is only one of the two who could treble, given both teams, namely Barcelona and Juventus, will fisticuffs at the Champions League final this season. It was still added the condition that they shall win two trophies in domestic competition this season.

Juventus have confirmed themselves won the Italian league this season, they live require Coppa Italia trophy for a clean sweep of titles in their own country. While, Barcelona has not secured their win La Liga and still have to play in the final of the Copa del Rey.

Although the treble is not entirely certain, to seize the existing opportunities in sight. It becomes interesting when considering traveling Enrique and Allegri this season is not entirely smooth.

Enrique, for example, was shaken issue split the team. Shortly after losing to Real Sociedad in Anoeta, the former Celta Vigo coach is reportedly quarreled with Lionel Messi. This news was followed by more unpleasant news: Messi not feel at home and want to leave.

However, after the defeat at Anoeta, Barça step on the gas. As a result, up to two games ahead of La Liga ended, they lead the standings with a four-point lead over Real Madrid. Messi himself even more shine and more coherent, along with two fellow forward, Luis Suarez and Neymar.

The situation turned to Enrique. Of which had been criticized be commended. Barca in his hand turned into a team that does not merely rely on ball possession, but also able to play more aggressively and more careful in using a counterattack.

Now, Enrique stayed within three games into the treble. Barca stay needs one more victory to win La Liga. They also require each one victory in the final of the Copa del Rey and Champions League finals.

“Will different tastes undergo a final as a coach. I had a prolific career during active as a player,” said Enrique after ensuring step into the Champions League final.

“We are one win away from winning each of the three competition. This is our mission,” he added as quoted by the official UEFA website.

What Allegri? Given its status prior to this, which leave AC Milan to the status of being fired, Allegri had undoubtedly be successful in Juventus Juventus, lays by his own supporters.

However, Allegri has a good record, which successfully brought AC Milan won Serie A in 2011. Supported a more stable club management –terbukti with achievement of three successive scudetto since 2012– supposed he could perform better.

And indeed, Allegri proved able to continue the legacy of Antonio Conte. Brought Juventus won the Serie A this season, making them the scudetto won four in four years. Differences with the saklek Conte, Allegri is able to adjust the team strategy. Not infrequently Juventus change strategy to adjust to the opponent’s strategy.

“I have an outstanding group of players. It is an impressive semi-final match with chances for both teams,” said Allegri told Mediaset, shortly after his side eliminated Real Madrid.